Hire a genius

Do you have a problem that can’t be solved by conventional means? Do you need a product idea? Do you need insight on a problematic situation? We are the closest thing to the TV show Scorpion that exists in the real world.

Individuals with genius level IQs think differently than the vast majority of the population. It is this ability that allows us to give you insight or solve problems where you feel that you are stuck.

Please note: We are unable to take on any more consultations for the foreseeable future as of March 2015 due to our resources being completely allocated. Please contact us if you need a referral.

You may download Brandon Smith's resume HERE if needed

Who Ennalta Is

We are a collective of geniuses with IQs up to 172 with specialties in many different areas including:


Analytical Observation Design Development – product, applications, creative endeavors Innovation Problem Solving Research


Banking & Financial Products (including crypto currencies) Consumer Products Autonomous Systems Integration Education Entertainment


What Ennalta Does

We take on, and complete, 'hard to solve' puzzles from the private and public sector. Ennalta works exclusively as a private consultant and not as an employee of your company. The work that we do is a special breed (as are we) and our clients do pay for the privilege however we very much value the relationships that we have with our customers and we look at all of our clients as partners. If we fail, then you fail and that is unacceptable.


Why Ennalta?

Depending on your particular project there may be one or many Ennalta working with you at different points but all projects flow through the same system. We do not disclose details of projects or clients unless specifically requested to do so by the client. We will never ask for your permission to disclose personal or institutional information outside of your project. Whatever the challenge, we can help you to overcome it.  Our scope is vast.  Our experience includes all of the following and more...

How to Initiate...

Email is the only way to initiate contact with Ennalta.  The following is our general process:

1) Client Meeting - We can hold meetings in Miami, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles with minimal notice

2) Challenge initiation - This helps us to determine the true scope of the issue through preliminary research

3) Challenge Formulation - Problem re-defined and proposed to client in order to create scope agreement

4) Challenge Processing - The steps involved in the solving of the challenge are confidential

5) Challenge Completion - The desired materials results are returned to the client


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